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The KC Language Instruction was created by the Teacher and Specialist in Languages for business Karina Correa, born in Santiago, Chile. She was residing in Brazil for many years, where she specialized in the languages of Spanish and Portuguese for business, teaching classes for engineers and directors in multinational companies, acquiring more than 15 years of experience in the corporate market.


The Spanish and Portuguese course is action-oriented, making the classroom the perfect context for learning the language due to its diversity of activities, which consider different learning styles due to their balance between listening comprehension work, written production and classroom interaction with a focus on conversation and pronunciation, so, we can easily adapt it to the needs of each student profile. We also work with specific material for the work and business environment, such as; Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Reception among others.

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Open your mind to the world and expand your possibilities. Learn Spanish with a native teacher who will understand your objectives.
Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a native teacher and expand your knowledge to create new opportunities in your life.
Why is studying Spanish so important today?
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world . In the United States, the use of Spanish is growing every day and is gaining a notable position as the second language of the country. Currently, there are 53 million Hispanics in the United States. Spanish is increasingly present in institutions. In almost all official organizations there are instructions or posters in English and Spanish, even today, many companies answer phones in both languages. Because of this, KC Language Instruction is assisting companies in the United States to facilitate their negotiations with Spanish-speaking countries and also to help them communicate more clearly with their Latino workers, who today are very important in the American workforce.



In the general classes course, we have from the beginner level to the advanced level. We work on the development of communicative, auditory, written and visual competence, making their learning effective


In the business course the student will learn the language related to the world of work, commercial and banking operations and the economy in the Hispanic world; You will know everything related to the world of negotiations, however, we can direct the class to specific areas of student interest.​


The conversation course is indicated for advanced level students in the language. Which we will help the student to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation, interacting with day-to-day situations and working on the culture of the countries of the Spanish or Portuguese language to expand their knowledge.​

Preparation for the Official DELE Title

In the DELE course the student will be prepared with:
• Contextualized activities
• Grammar summaries
• Tips, strategies and practical tricks
• 5 exam templates
• Digital extension and self-run exams.

What My Students Says

See feedback from some students.
I studied Spanish with Karina for many years in-company. Karina is a teacher with a great knowledge of Spanish not only in Latin America but also Spain spanish. She always taught how to speak/write correctly in both ways. She is patient, humorous and always encouraged me to get a DELE certification. I definitely recommend learning Spanish with her.
Denis Baptista Rosas
Software engineer

Karina was an excellent Spanish teacher for me. Her classes are dynamic, motivating and interesting. She was always ready to ask any questions or clarify what was necessary. I have learned a lot, and I gladly recommend your services.

Paulo Hass.
Business consultant

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